P2X Solutions will construct the first hydrogen fueling station in the Greater Helsinki area in Järvenpää

P2X Solutions will build the first hydrogen fueling station in the Greater Helsinki area in Järvenpää. The fueling station will be located in the immediate vicinity of the National Road 4, and it is planned to be taken into use in the fall of 2024. In late 2022, the Finnish Energy Authority invited tenders for a grant supporting the construction of infrastructure for alternative fuels. Consequently, the Energy Authority gave out a grant of EUR 790,000 to P2X Solutions’ fueling station in Järvenpää.

P2X Solutions is also currently constructing Finland’s first hydrogen fueling station in connection with the company’s green hydrogen plant in Harjavalta. To become an attractive fuel option, hydrogen requires functioning distribution infrastructure.

“The Järvenpää fueling station is a significant step forward in promoting hydrogen-powered mobility in Finland, as the station is the first of its kind in the heavily trafficked Greater Helsinki area,” says Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions. “The construction of the Järvenpää station is enabled with help of financial grant received from the Energy Authority. Besides infrastructure, public support is also needed for hydrogen-powered vehicles,” Plit continues.

Järvenpää is an excellent location for a hydrogen fueling station serving especially the busy heavy-duty traffic in southern Finland. “I would like to thank the City of Järvenpää for their good cooperation and open-minded attitude with regard to the construction of this fueling station,” Plit states.

“One of the strategic goals of the City of Järvenpää is to promote low-emission mobility and construction. Having a hydrogen fueling station in the city will strengthen the city’s climate work and targets while advancing alternative forms of fueling in the entire metropolitan area. The availability of P2X Solutions’ fueling service in Järvenpää is another step towards the city’s vision of being the northern center of the metropolitan area,” says Harri Palviainen, Chief City Development Officer at the City of Järvenpää.

“We are extremely pleased that Järvenpää was chosen as the location of the first hydrogen fueling station in the Greater Helsinki area, offering widescale services to the entire metropolitan area. The preparations, discussions and advancing of the project have progressed in seamless cooperation with P2X Solutions’ skilled and enthusiastic group of experts,” Business Järvenpää’s Business Service Manager Susanna Aramo enthuses.

As a fuel, the benefits of hydrogen include a short refueling time and long range. Green hydrogen is emission-free, and the only by-product of using hydrogen-powered vehicles is clean water.

P2X Solutions accelerates the development of hydrogen economy by building a network of hydrogen fueling stations in Finland in the next few years. Hydrogen is especially suitable for fueling long-distance heavy traffic as well as local, energy-intensive logistics such as the use of forklifts. In Europe, hydrogen-powered vans, taxis, busses and passenger cars are also already in use. P2X Solutions’ stations can also be operated at various pressure levels, enabling the fueling of different types of vehicles.

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