The goal of the project is to construct a 20 MW electrolyzer plant, which will start producing green hydrogen using electricity produced by wind, solar, biomass or hydropower.

Electrolysis is a chemical reaction in which hydrogen is separated from water by an electric current. Part of the green hydrogen will be further refined using Power-to-X-technology and combined with carbon dioxide captured from industrial plants be used to produce emission-free synthetic biofuels. Combining hydrogen with carbon dioxide makes it possible to replace fossil fuels in almost any industry. The electrolyzer plant plays an important role towards an emission-free Finnish welfare society.

The investment for the first pilot plant is around 50 million euros. With the chosen plant size, we will reach substantial cost benefits. When the first industrial sized electrolyzer plant has been demonstrated, the plan is to further the Finnish hydrogen economy by constructing more plants and possibly even replicate the project in other European countries.

This project needs substantial support to be commercially feasible, and our company will seek for investment support both from the European Commission as well as from national support sources.


The conceptual design and the search for the location of the first electrolyzer plant was initiated together with Rejlers Finland Oy in the fall of 2020 and finished in February 2021. Currently the project is in the feasibility planning stage.  Alternative locations for the first 20 MW plant have been mapped out. The electrolyzer plant is due to be operational by the end of 2024. 


The professional and visionary staff of the company is extremely experienced and has thorough knowledge on projects linked to construction of new infrastructure as well as on EU and national support mechanisms and understands the needs of society regarding the project.

Solutions for a carbon-neutral world

Green hydrogen and power-to-X-technology offer solutions for a carbon neutral world. In Finland, the hydrogen economy is only taking its first steps, but with the help of a pilot project, it will be possible to build a significant business from it and improve Finland’s competitiveness in international markets.

Our Power-to-X is open-minded and positive attitude. It always prevails.