P2X Solutions is the forerunner of the Finnish hydrogen industry. The company is building the first hydrogen and synthetic fuel (e-methane, e-methanol and e-ammonia) production plants in Finland. In addition, P2X is planning to build a hydrogen refueling station network for hydrogen-powered mobility. The company targets 1 GW of electrolysis capacity by 2031.

P2X Solutions is currently constructing Finland’s first industrial-scale green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant in Harjavalta. The plant will open the Finnish hydrogen market in 2024. The project creates valuable hydrogen know-how and employs a wide range of professionals from different parts of the value-chain.

The electrolysis capacity of the Harjavalta plant is 20 MW. The electrolyser produces renewable hydrogen from water and renewable electricity. The plant also includes methanation capacity for the production of renewable synthetic methane from hydrogen and captured CO2.


Electrolysis of water is a chemical reaction where water molecule (H2O) is split to hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) with electricity. When the used electricity comes from a renewable source the produced hydrogen is green. We are planning to refine part of the produced hydrogen further into synthetic fuels by utilizing power-to-x technology and captured CO2. The end products of our plants can be used to replace fossil fuels in industry and mobility. Our aim is to enable our customers to reach their climate and environmental targets with our products.

Time schedule

The construction works in Harjavalta are currently on-going, and the plant will be operational in 2024.


P2X Solutions’ team consists of experienced and visionary professionals. The team has wide expertise on demanding infrastructure projects as well as the development of new markets. Our professionals also understand the importance of hydrogen for the society.

Our plants are developed and constructed in collaboration with our various partners. The electrolyser is delivered by German Sunfire GmbH and the methanation unit by Finnish Q Power Oy.

Our power-to-x is open-minded and positive attitude. It always prevails.