P2X Solutions is the forerunner of the Finnish hydrogen industry. We are currently building a green hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta. Once completed, the plant will open the Finnish hydrogen market. In addition, we are planning to build hydrogen production plants in Joensuu and Oulu, for example.

Harjavalta production plant

Havainnekuva Harjavallan tuotantolaitoksesta

We will build Finland’s first industrial-scale renewable hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant in Harjavalta, Western Finland. The plant will be operational in fall 2024.

The plant will create significant know-how in Finland even on an international level, employing numerous experts in various parts of the business operations and value chain.

The electrolysis capacity of the Harjavalta plant is 20 MW. The electrolyzer produces green hydrogen using renewable electricity. The plant also includes methanation capacity for the production of renewable synthetic methane.

The electrolyzer is delivered by German Sunfire GmbH and the methanation unit by Finnish Q Power Oy.

Joensuu production plant

P2X Solutions is exploring the possibility of building a green hydrogen and e-fuels production plant in the energy group Savon Voima’s power plant area in Joensuu.

Within the planned scope, the plant would produce green hydrogen with a capacity of 30–40 MW and would generate up to 15–20 percent of Joensuu’s district heating needs as a side stream. 

The European Commission has added the project to the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) list, determining it to be a part of the European hydrogen value chain. The plant could be operational in 2026 at the earliest.

Oulu production plant

Havainnekuva Oulun tuotantolaitoksesta

P2X Solutions and Oulun Energia are exploring the possibility of building a green hydrogen production plant in Oulu.

The planned project would include an electrolysis plant with a capacity of up to 100 MW, a carbon capture plant, a hydrogen and carbon dioxide storage, and a further processing plant whose final product could be methane or methanol, for example. The heat energy created as a by-product would correspond to approximately 10–30 percent of Oulu’s district heating demand. In addition, the project investigates the possibility of utilizing the biogenic flue gases from local industry and power plants in the further processing of hydrogen.

The Oulu production plant is currently in the project development phase, where we examine the feasibility, location options and impacts of the plant. The investment decision is estimated to be made in 2025. The plant could be operational in 2028 at the earliest.