P2X Solutions’ SH2ORE II project explores the creation of low-carbon harbour value chains in the Baltic Sea region – funded by the Baltic Sea Project

Ålandsbanken’s Baltic Sea Project has granted a funding of EUR 60,000 for P2X Solutions’ SH2ORE II project, which explores the creation of low-carbon harbour value chains in the harbours of the Baltic Sea region.

The aim of the assessment is to provide the operators of the low-carbon fuel chain of the Baltic Sea region with information about the safe introduction of e-fuels, thereby enabling the commercial introduction of e-fuels.

“Accelerating biodiversity loss, climate crisis and tightening regulation demand significant emissions reductions from the marine traffic operators already in this decade even in the Baltic Sea region. E-fuels derived from hydrogen, such as e-methane, e-methanol and e-ammonia, are seen as long-term solutions for emissions reductions in marine traffic,” says Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions.

Large-scale introduction of e-fuels in harbour areas requires a comprehensive assessment of the harbour infrastructure. Hydrogen and e-fuels could also be used to fuel energy-intensive harbour vehicles.

“Right now, shipping companies are planning their first investments in e-fuels. Through our conversations with different operators, we have understood that reviewing the relevant harbour infrastructure, as well as safety and permit regulations, is a prerequisite for the introduction of low-carbon fuels. We will tackle these questions in our SH2ORE II project,” Plit continues.

The SH2ORE II project is a continuation of the SH2ORE project, carried out by P2X Solutions in 2022, in which the company focused on the creation of low-carbon fuel value chains in the Baltic Sea region, as well as on assessing the production potential and safety of the fuels.

The SH2ORE II project will be carried out together with an expert partner specialized in harbour infrastructure. The partner will be chosen later.

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