Work began on P2X Solutions’ site for the green hydrogen plant in Harjavalta

Preparations for the P2X Solutions’ site in the Harjavalta Industrial Park began on June 21, 2022. Construction work on Finland’s first industrial-scale green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant will begin in the autumn, and the plant will be ready for production in the summer of 2024.

P2X Solutions is building Finland’s first industrial-scale green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant in Harjavalta Industrial Park. The company has raised funding for the construction of the plant from Finnish and international investors and has received investment support for the project from the Finnish state.

“In Harjavalta, we are implementing our first project in good cooperation with the local industry and the city of Harjavalta. Green hydrogen and its downstream products contribute to Finland’s energy self-sufficiency, as well as the green transition of land and maritime transport and industry. Similar investments are constantly needed to promote the hydrogen economy, to reduce emissions, and to get rid of fossil fuels,” says Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions.

Preparatory work on the site begins with the necessary tree removals. Construction of the 20 MW plant will begin in the autumn of 2022 and is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2024. The plant will reduce Finland’s CO2 emissions by approximately 40 thousand tonnes annually and the heat and oxygen generated as by-products can be utilized in industrial processes.

The direct and indirect employment effects of the construction phase of the project will be approximately 350 person-years. Upon completion of the project, approximately 50 permanent jobs are expected to be created, including jobs directly or indirectly related to the facility or its operations.

The company’s goal is to build 1,000 MW of electrolysis capacity over the next 10 years, and the design of subsequent plants has already begun.

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