P2X Solutions prepares for construction of Finland’s first green hydrogen production plant – signed agreements with Fimpec and Sweco

P2X Solutions, a Finnish pioneer in green hydrogen and power-to-x technology, has signed framework agreements with Fimpec and Sweco for project consulting, procurement services, and plant design. Both companies have also been selected as partners in the construction project of Finland’s first green hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta.

P2X Solutions is constructing Finland’s first green hydrogen production plant and methanation unit in Harjavalta. Construction work on the 20-megawatt facility will begin this fall and is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2024. While getting ready for construction, the company has already started preparations for the following plant projects.

P2X Solutions produces green hydrogen completely emission-free by electrolysis of water using renewable energy sources. The company further processes some of the green hydrogen into renewable synthetic fuels, such as synthetic methane. The heat and oxygen generated as by-products of the process can be utilized in industrial processes.

The framework agreement signed by P2X Solutions with Fimpec will start the cooperation between the companies both in the consulting and procurement services for the Harjavalta plant construction project and in similar future plant projects by P2X Solutions.

“We are pleased with the opportunity to bring our versatile experience to P2X Solutions’ spearhead project. This is a great continuation for our green energy projects”, states Jorma Paananen, Business Unit Director of Fimpec.

Sweco has been a partner of P2X Solutions since the Harjavalta plant’s thorough Front-end Engineering Design (FEED) stage and will now continue as the plant’s designer.

I am particularly pleased that we earned the customer’s trust at the FEED stage and can offer the strong experience of our experts to support the design work of P2X Solutions”, describes Erik Skogström, Division Director, Industry at Sweco Finland.

”Both Fimpec and Sweco have shown they have the attitude we find important, and both have shown a strong desire to work with us in building the zero-emission welfare society of the future. The extensive expertise of the companies strengthens us as pioneers and takes us closer to the opening of the green hydrogen market in Finland”, concludes Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions.

A well-functioning hydrogen market will enable the industry and transport sectors to move towards a zero-emission energy and raw material economy. The Harjavalta green hydrogen production plant reduces Finland’s CO2 emissions by about 40 thousand tons per year.

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