P2X Solutions’ green hydrogen electrolysis equipment supply agreement signed

Increasing Finland’s energy self-sufficiency more important than ever – the first green transition supply agreement paves the way for this development

P2X Solutions, a Finnish pioneer in green hydrogen and power-to-x technology, is building Finland’s first industrial-scale green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant in Harjavalta. In the P2X Solutions process, hydrogen is separated from water completely emission-free by electrolysis using renewable electricity. P2X Solutions has selected the German company Sunfire as the supplier of electrolysis equipment for its first production facility. The electrolyser is the most significant single investment in P2X Solutions’ first production facility.

Combating the climate crisis and achieving energy security require a prompt breakaway from fossil fuels. P2X Solutions aims to build 1,000 MW of electrolysis capacity by 2031 to contribute to a cleaner and safer energy future in Finland.

“Preparations for the construction of Finland’s first green hydrogen production plant are proceeding rapidly. The selection of Sunfire as the supplier of electrolysis equipment for our Harjavalta plant is an important step in our project and will take us closer to the emission-free and safe welfare society we are striving for. To increase energy self-sufficiency and to reduce import dependence we now need to fast-track green investments. We are paving the way for this significant development, and it is a pleasure to see parallel projects emerging in many sectors. Our goal is to build 1,000 MW of electrolysis capacity over the next 10 years, and the design of subsequent plants has already begun,” says Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions.

“We are proud to contribute to P2X Solutions’ lighthouse project with our alkaline electrolysis technology,” says Sunfire CEO Nils Aldag. “As forerunner of green hydrogen technologies in Finland, P2X lays a decisive foundation for the country’s energy transition. At Sunfire, we strive to partner with first movers like P2X Solutions who will accelerate the expansion of innovative cleantech in Europe.”

A well-functioning hydrogen market will enable the industry and transport sectors to move towards a zero-emission energy and raw material economy. The Harjavalta green hydrogen production plant reduces Finland’s CO2 emissions by about 40 thousand tons per year, and the heat and oxygen generated as by-products can be utilized in industrial processes. Construction work on the 20-megawatt facility will begin this fall and is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2024.

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