P2X Solutions and Enersense signed an agreement on the operation and maintenance of a green hydrogen production plant

P2X Solutions Oy and Enersense International Plc have signed an agreement whereby Enersense will be responsible for the operational and maintenance services of P2X Solutions’ green hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta.

P2X Solutions’ hydrogen production plant in Harjavalta is planned to be completed in fall 2024, and it is Finland’s first industrial-scale green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant. The construction of the plant started in summer 2022, and the buildings reached their rooftop height in June 2023.

“The construction of our Harjavalta plant has progressed extremely well, and the work at the site has already continued for over 700 days without any incidents leading to absence due to sickness. In collaboration with Enersense, we want to ensure that the commissioning and operation of the plant will also be safe and reliable,” says Herkko Plit, CEO of P2X Solutions.

Enersense is an energy company providing green energy services for the implementation of a zero-mission and energy self-sufficient society. The company has been a part-owner of P2X Solutions since February 2022.

“This new partnership agreement supports our strategy, which focuses on offering our customers sustainable solutions amid the energy transition. The importance of hydrogen is growing constantly, and we are committed to promoting its use,” states Mikko Luoma, Vice President, Smart Services, Industry, at Enersense.

The Harjavalta plant’s 20-megawatt electrolysis equipment produces green hydrogen by using renewable electricity. Besides Harjavalta, P2X Solutions is planning hydrogen production plants in Joensuu and Oulu.

More information:

Herkko Plit
P2X Solutions Oy
+358 50 462 0788

Mikko Luoma
Vice President, Smart Services, Industry
Enersense International Plc
+358 50 438 5608

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