Esa Härmälä and Marjo Miettinen to join the Board of P2X Solutions

Two new and experienced members have been appointed to the Board of P2X Solutions Oy, a producer of green hydrogen and a pioneer in Power-to-X technology. Esa Härmälä, a long-standing contributor in the environmental, climate and energy industry will take on the position as Chairman of the Board. Corporate Executive Marjo Miettinen will join as a new member of the Board. She has a diverse background in business, e.g. in the management of the family company Ensto and as the chairman of the Technology Industries of Finland. Tuomas Hirvonen and CEO Herkko Plit will continue on the Board.

Esa Härmälä promotes carbon neutrality as the Chairman of the Board of Fennovoima Oy, Suomen Metsäsijoitus Oy and MTK foundation, previously he served also as the Chairman of the Board of Baltic Connector Oy.

”I see a strong potential in this project to develop hydrogen economy and sustainable solutions built on zero-emission green hydrogen and Power-to-X. P2X Solutions has an experienced and professional team, and the prerequisites to lead the way in this industry”, says Härmälä.

Marjo Miettinen is the owner and Chairman of the Board of the family-owned technology company Ensto, and also serves on the board of Solidium among others. She brings her expertise in entrepreneurship, ownership and board work to P2X Solutions.

”Hydrogen and hydrogen refining is growing into a large new business area on the way to a carbon-neutral world. P2X Solutions is a great example of how we in Finland invest in this expertise that is valuable in the global market”, says Miettinen.

Herkko Plit, CEO and one of the company’s founders, has been strongly involved in influencing Finnish energy projects and has created networks in the industry both in Finland and internationally.

”The broad national interest in our company and strong industrial players joining our team show that there is strong confidence in green hydrogen and the activities of P2X Solutions both in the energy field and commercially. The hydrogen economy is only taking its first steps in Finland, but P2X Solutions is already committed at the very beginning with the goal of doing significant business and thus improving Finland’s competitiveness in international markets”, Plit describes.

The vision of P2X Solutions is to build an emission-free and prosperous Finnish society by producing green hydrogen through electrolysis and further refining it into synthetic fuels. The company has already begun concept design and mapped out alternative locations for the first 20-megawatt electrolysis plant.

Kati Levoranta, CEO of the listed company Rovio for the last few years, will start as partner and executive in P2X Solutions as of April 1, 2021.

Further information:

Herkko Plit, CEO
+358 50 462 0788

Esa Härmälä, Chairman of the Board
+358 400 874 209