We change the world to become cleaner
– together

Producer of green hydrogen and forerunner of Power-to-X technology in Finland

As a developer of emission-free welfare society we are a forerunner of energy future– our vision is to produce green hydrogen and refine it further into synthetic fuels in a cost-effective manner

We will construct a 20 MW electrolyzer plant, which runs on electricity produced by renewable energy. Thus, the final product will be green hydrogen. Producing hydrogen with electrolysis is proven technology. With the chosen plant size, we will reach substantial cost benefits.

Part of the green hydrogen we will refine further utilizing Power-to-X technology. We implement circular economy solutions and capture carbon dioxide emissions from a Finnish industrial plant. We will produce synthetic fuel from the green hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide. This way, we are developing emission-free Finnish welfare society.


This project needs substantial support in order to be competitive, and our company will seek for investment support both from the European Commission as well as from national support sources.


Professional and visionary staff of the company is extremely experienced and has thorough knowledge on projects linked to construction of new infrastructure as well as on EU and national support mechanisms and also understands the needs of society regarding the project.